Thursday, March 12, 2015

TD;LR: I'm starting a new contest. If you love your favorite Pop artists and want to be like them, but want to be yourself, then you can show off your craft here for my record label! Tweet #ItsAnArtistRightsContest ends 31st of August 2015. Links below (It won't get any recognition on social media, it's just a concept, dummy!)

I am announcing a new contest, which to my abilities, I would not do it because I'm so sleep-deprived for the next season, all of which, I'm not doing stuff today.

So, Today, I'm announcing a New Artist Spotlight for my independent record company, lickablerabbit. I'm doing something big with the campaign, but I feel I'm not ready yet, having so little subscriber fan base and Twitter Followers who are inactive bunches of hash (Not to mention the tags), on the contrary, Am I doing something wrong?

If you like to particpate in this (Which will not happen at the time of this writing, and maybe will not happen because the Social media will most likely to ignore this and run) big situation, use the hashtag #ItsAnArtistRights on social media.

I know this may not get popular, or so many eyeballs, but I hope this works, because I'm human, not a machine, I'm just to lazy/Sleep deprived to do this, so let's hope (If any) you can showcase the talent, and show that real artists are not just doing this for showing their tatas to the public to get famous, getting sex appeal, or just doing some crazy stuff.

If you're into Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Passanger, Mumford and Sons, Angus and Julia Stone or some rode artists that have art, then this is the contest is for you. Contest ends on the 31st of August, 2015.

If any of this suprises you, and you bothered to read it all, or just read the TD;LR typing of it, Please post this and redirect it to

Instagram (I'm Active there)
Twitter (I DON'T CHECK DMs! I'm Active there, once in a while, all of it is just automated.)
Facebook (Not Active, but try, at least).

Don't post to my YouTube and Google+ page as I'm not in the bandwagon on Messages.

Be Heard. Be Known. NEW CONTEST!!!

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