UrbanIndie is a Radio show where we showcase rising artist with  flair.

The series is posted on Mixcloud, a service where you can upload Podcasts, Shows, Music playlist, DJ Sets and more. the website is founded in 2008 by a pair of British investors Nikhil Shah,  Nico Perez, Mat Clayton and Sam Cooke (No Relation to R&B artist, british bloke) who wanted a service to host music and DJ sets.

The series is created by Skye Hawker, who developed UserCreated series, and it’s to showcase old and new artists on the rise and to hear both new songs and quick biographies of artist.

The genre varies by episode. The main genre is Urban contemporary (R&B/Adult R&B), but some episodes showcase either Gospel or other genres.

Below are the most recent episodes by image cover, starting from the first image (Episode One) to the recent image cover.

This list may change at any time and may be abandoned after a few months. please check back often. This page may or may not be updated from time to time. for a complete list of episodes of the show, you can see our Episode List and For a complete list of changes and upcoming episodes plus creator's thoughts about the show all on his to-do list, you can follow his process live here from Trello.

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