Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday, Everybody! I understand that The industry can have a huge havoc on people who don't get noticed on the internet. I have heard many of artist who don't get noticed get noticed on YouTube and other websites. That's why I love getting people noticed with the help of Twitter. I't best that you follow me on Twitter for updates and crazy fun that I post. Most of the time, I post quotes that make you happy.

On some days, I post undiscovered Talent that keeps me going all day. Sometimes, I just get sick of the music I hear on the radio. It just makes me sick everyday. I would love to hear new music from the underground. If you have any ideas on how I could find new artists (Trying to Avoid ReverbNation and SoundCloud Heavily), Please tell me on Twitter.

I love you guys more conditionally that I do! May God bless you with the gift of music and remember that the truth will always be on fire.

Any Ideas on new episodes?

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