Sunday, February 8, 2015

I’m gratefully happy about the gamming community that I am, but I have to confess that the gaming industry is quickly going down to drain. Everywhere I look, I seeing game companies arguing about money, and I hate how they are glamorizing gaming companies, and drama aside the gaming community. 

I know it’s not newsworthy. I’m not going into the whole entire bit, because I’m making a quick statement about the game industries and oh so awful Gate scandals, including #GamerGate, #ResolutionGate, and not to be confuse about so many stuipdGate scandals. If we want to be a better community, stop bitching about resolution because game companies are just raking in cash to suck you in.

If you want a better video game that will give you Goosebumps, make sure it’s not just about money, It’s about taking your time and making a quality game, otherwise no one will care about the games that you like or hate to love if it’s not simple and fun.

Swatting, Bitching, Hacking people of interest and complaining about the gaming industry is not going to help the industry, and hating on women who use Strawman-type arguments about games will not help the situation. You might need her when you want her to empty your balls on her, or to fuck her in the bed doing the horizontal mambo for. Instead of hating on women, you should hate on Feminist who make an excuse to give two fucks about the situation on video games and the excuse on how it abuses women in games to give a good excuse to pull games off store shelfs. 

I stay away from hate and drama, because it’s for someone else. Getting in trouble will give you no fucks about it. Fucking up your life dealing with mentally ill trolls is something that I don’t like to deal. Do the right thing. 

NewsWorthy: Gaming Community is Dying

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