Monday, September 22, 2014

This blog post is a theory—my own opinion, point in simple. Even though actual information can be exasperated, some information is real. I encourage you to look it up yourself. Google is your Best Friend. The opinions expressed does not reflect the views of Google, Inc., this blog or it subsidiaries.

As in public relations, they can delay the death of a celebrity, such as James Avery, even though his death was on New Year’s Weekend, but was delayed over a full day before his death was announced, or Robin Williams who’s death was delayed to three hours to miss primetime all together, just to make a point -- to a later time, sometime from one to five days and sometimes miss TV programs, such as entertainment news magazines from saving stress announcing deaths.

As social media makes this more prevalent in these times, we all have to remember that celebrities are all human. You may idolize them, you might make them your own to watch, but they are humans. Even right down to the recent death of Joan Rivers, they are just human. You basement dwellers and fanworts who are not basement dwellers (and some homebodies
 Idolize them on your phones and your devices not knowing that they have private because they have their own life of its own. We have to think back that it’s our own lives that we faces. We are not living it through their lives. So cut the conspiracies and think about your own and that’s why we should not think about it much. Butthurt Much?

NewsWorthy | Celebrity Deaths Don't Scare Me Much

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