Before you submiting your videos to us or judging the outcome of the episodes, Please watch these videos!!! 9 times out of 10 it will answer your burning questions!!!

What is The Show about?
How Do I Submit My Video to the Countdown?
Is there a process? How Does It Work? Are There Rules?
How do you pick Videos From?  How does it differ from other countdowns?
How do you Critique videos?
What Is The Artist Spotlight?
What Is The Suddendeath Match?
What Is All-Stars Week?

You've just posted this cool song or cover that you had performed, and there was only 31 view on your account. Well, one thing for you, every 30 out of 3 billion videos on YouTube go unnoticed, or unwatched. So, what do you do? You use some magic view counter or pay for artificial views that YouTube is stopping than a rosebud with a side of hurt. Well, It’s Time To Get Noticed!

UserCreated Top 5 Countdown is a show to promote YouTube Artists in a top 5-esque format, and along the way, critique on the videos and give feedback. It’s better than just commenting on videos, where I can get to listen to it fully. If you love that YouTube user, we encourage you to subscribe to the artist as a way of giving back to the artist. I have been doing this on YouTube since September 2007, and I have seen changes in the viewing habits.

UserCreated: Top 5 Countdown is to showcase YouTube Talent without prejudice. Whether you have low subscribers, or no subscribers, or if you are a newcomer, and you have got talent on the countdown, this is where we showcase it.

Since September 14th, 2007, I had started the countdown with no experience at all, but I had a purpose of giving undiscovered talent the chance to have a forum where they can perform and get noticed on YouTube. Let’s face it, it’s very hard has it seems.

Most recently, I had to rely on undiscovered talent that I had found through searching, and I give them their fame right here on this countdown. I had not gained tons a fans, but I had gained a little fan base, but I wanted to have YouTubers discovered in a global manner. This is a legit countdown.

UserCreated: Top 5 Countdown is to showcase YouTube Talent without prejudice.

However it is NOT a way to get a record deal or a contract. It’s just to get you noticed in any endeavors come what may.  If you want to get noticed in any way possible it’s just by sheer luck that a record company could recognize you.

If you want to get noticed on the next episode, you can reach us through UserCreatedOfficial’s YouTube Channel or click“Submit Your Videos Here”  on the top right corner of this website and follow the instructions.
Also please remember that this countdown is for Critiquing purposes only. It’s to also improve your skills in a manner that helps.

Here are general information about the countdown, and the origin of the countdown and the show.
Q: Why are you showing their names on the bottom of the screen?
A: We show that information so viewers will see the information of the person, and see the person by visiting the YouTube channel to support the artists.
On later episodes, we only show the usernames, but due to Google Real Name policies, the playing field is changing for new artists, undiscovered and underrated talent on YouTube that pertains to singers, songwriters, and musicians.

Q: Why aren’t you showing your face?
A: Due to insufficient equipment that is over 10 years old, I cannot provide cameras due to low production value. I can only do what I can do to recognize the talent on the internet and preserve musical freedom.
The previous episodes starting from 2011 showed my face, and even on the lost episode of the show.

Q: How old are you?
A: I can only say that I am in my early twenties, and yes, I can drink liquor, now. I love to drink some wine, even though I love to cuss and do about everything.

Q: How did the show started?
A: It started as a show on September 14, 2007. It was edited on September 13, then uploaded on September 14th the next day. This is the only video that existed on my Youtube, and has further archived for future purposes. But it has been uploaded to my new channel, right here on UserCreated Official.

Now for the really burning question that people are either grilling me or pressuring me to tell them.
Q: Why are you doing this? Am I safe?
A: It’s completely safe. The purpose of the show is to countdown underrated artist on Youtube, and provide it has a platform, and also critique on the videos for proper feedback, and have some fun along the wa


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