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In countries that have Fair Use on Videos, some countries have stricter laws on what individuals could do with Copyrighted content, such as transformitive meaning and remixing.

This video above is in no way giving or leasing legal advice, nor governing the laws in your country. do your research or seek legal advice before submitting your video for a future episode of the countdown.

Extended Guidlines HERE 
  NEW RULES ABOVE! As Of 11 March, 2013
If you're reading the Rules and FAQ or submitting your video, you hereby acknowledge that you grant us a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify your video for commercial use.

You are also confirming that all music (Whole or in part) has either permission or Fair Use for that video for Critiquing purposes only.

you are ALSO agreeing to the YouTube Copyright Guidelines. If it violates Copyright Content, it will not be showed on an upcoming episode and maybe be blacklisted from participating.

and you are also agreeing to the UserCreated: Top 5 Countdown Guidelines on UserCreatedOfficial YouTube Channel.


Welcome to UserCreated. Here what can we accept on the channel in order to get noticed for your talent. wherever there is singing, playing an instrument, or anything that is a parody of a song (Of Fair Use) is involved.
Please remember that we are only accepting video form. no still form. if your video has some life to it, we'll use it. You cannot have Visualizations from Windows Media Player, or any programs on your video. Using one still image is not allowed. it must be a Music Video of some sort that you have created with your bare two hands, or had a hand or to of editing.

IMPORTANT: Still form or one photo of yourself or visualization are not allowed. That includes, Background Visualizations, or a background. 

Violating this rule means that your submission will NOT be qualified. Submissions will qualify only if you submit a video via self image through a webcam, or camcorder, or create a live-action music video.

If it's yourself or someone in the video that is either singing, or playing an instrument, we will accept it. we will not accept a live outdoor event version of you singing. If you're wondering, we can accept people playing any instrument other than a guitar, a Violin, a Piano, or some strange instrument. you can even send yourself playing an instrument rather then you singing, like Drums, a solo, or a straight and narrow performance. Please remember that playing a cover of a song will not stop the Audio ID to pick up. that it's still copyright info. Your material needs to be original or have the permission of the owner of the song, or the permission of a company on their behalf to use it in some cases. You can submit your video through our website.

How To Submit

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