Friday, July 24, 2015

In high places, you always look for friends whom you love
and pray for enemies who hates you because they are jealous of you
And stick with family who care about you because you might not know when your time will end.

I wanna quickly go over what has been happening with it. My vacation is almost over. but I will not do anymore new episodes until the fall. Not doing anything until then. New episodes coming in October. Until then, keep your eyes peeled to my official YouTube page and this site for more details about what I'm doing with the series. I will be uploading a couple of videos to hold you off until I'm finished with my vacation. I'm very private about the upload dates of every episode, and I might fill you in on a preview.

Remember every show is on Sunday Mornings at 1AM ET, Midnight CT, early Mondays Mornings/Afternoons for International folks who don't keep their browsers open all the time. You'll find out sooner than later.

This DOES NOT Means that I will not be neglecting the site whatsoever. Will fill you in on web exclusives that is only available here, but until then, I'll be posting scraps that will be stuff that was either unlisted, privatized or deleted from YouTube that I will be re-uploading only on here. and be sure to use #UCT5Summer and #ItsAnArtistsRight for more updates on the matter.

For those who were featured last season, I thank you in advance for your talent and for me to critique. I don't do this for money, because monetizing would be the problem for me. I might do a Patreon account for the time being. Everybody is thinking about do this, but I'm not doing it just yet. Just flabbergasting about it At the moment.

Skye "Threestacks" Hawker.

P.S. Attempt to renew domain name for another year or so.

UPDATE: Show postponed until the fall. (Explinations, Previews, etc.)

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