Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Words and Music By Liliko Uchida
Transcribed By Skye Hawker

Transcribing was a little hard due to the Audio Problems, but I hope I have transcribed it
to the best to my abilities.
(Verse 1)
Everybody needs a little love
everybody feels a frozen heart
everybody wants to be apart
until the loneliness falls in
and nobody sees to words behind
all the broken lust that's in her eyes

believing all the things we only hear
deceived by the dreaming of all these years

Everybody wants a better hope
and nobody wants to be alone
these nights the lights are burning cold

You can lend your heart to me
every moment that you breathe
I won't let it slip away
all the words that keep and say
trying hard to catch a light

(Verse 1)
(Verse 1)

LINER NOTES | Liliko Uchida: Everybody

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