Friday, December 21, 2012

UserCreated Top 5 Countdown is a show to promote YouTube Artists in a top 5-esque format, and along the way, critique on the videos and give feedback. It's better than just commenting on videos, where I can get to listen to it fully. If you love that YouTube user, we encourage you to subscribe to the artist as a way of giving back to the artist. I have been doing this on YouTube since September 2007, and I have seen changes in the viewing habits.

UserCreated: Top 5 Countdown is to showcase YouTube Talent without prejudice. Whether you have low subscribers, or no subscribers, or if you are a newcomer, and you have got talent on the countdown, this is where we showcase it.

Miriam Ratte, United States

Pumped up kicks acoustic cover

Laurie Wood, United Kingdom

Modern Times (Original Song)

Sheldon Hawthorne, United States

Sheldon Hawthorne - Don't Want to Think About It (Original)

Big RED, Melbourne, Australia

Call Me Maybe - Come and Save Me (Cover) Big Red

Ray Younce, Durham, NC, United States

Last Breath

UserCreated Top 5 As Of 12-21-12

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